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Xref with layer states


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I'm relatively new to the program but I'm not sure this is exactly a beginner's question so I hope this forum is the right one.


I'm currently editing a set of drawings in which as far as I can tell, the same xref is used for 5 different paper spaces and in each paper space, the xref is picking up a different layer state in the original xref.


According to this, I edit the original xref and save my changes of the layer state that I want the edits to show up in. All my changes show up in the correct layer states in the xref file but when I update and reload the xref in my master file, the changes I've made to a specific layer state show up in every paper space instead of the single paper space which is connected to the specific layer state in my xref. I've tried un-attaching and re-attaching the xref. And I'm not sure how to proceed.


I'm using AutoCAD2007 (non-lite) and I hope this question isn't redundant.



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I'm not quite understanding your question, because I think you're using the Layer States Manager while active in the Viewports in Paperspace.


Usually when layer changes are not being updated from the original XREF, then the VISRETAIN variable needs to be set to 0, reload the XREF, then set VISRETAIN variable back to 1. Try this and see if it helps. If not I'll need a better explanation of exactly what you're doing with the Layer States changes and XREF. :)

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so I've attempted the VISRETAIN command but it doesn't really help.


Okay, so to better explain it, I was trying to edit a master file but I realized that all the objects in the viewport (even while in MS) were from a single xref but for each paper space, even though they were linked to the same xref, they showed up differently. So that led me to the xref in which I figured out that the different views of the xref I had seen in the master could be viewed by restoring specific layer states


So in the xref, I restored a layer state, created a new layer, added some stuff and then saved all my changes (including the new layer I added) to the existing layer state with the same name. Then when I refreshed, reloaded (with VISRETAIN off) and then turned VISRETAIN on again in the master, the changes I made showed up but instead of showing up on only the layer state I saved it to (therefore only one of the paper spaces), it shows up on all my paper spaces.


Since originally posting the question, I've figured out that this only happens to the objects I make on a brand new layer and try to add it to an existing layer state whereas if I make changes to a layer already in an existing layer state, the change carries over to the master perfectly.


So basically, does anyone know how to (re)load an xref with only a specific layer state showing? My master seems to be only recognizing the original layers of an xref layer state and not new ones that I add to the state.


sorry if that was long and confusing.

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Once you create a new layer while using Layer States, then you have to "re-save" that Layer State in the master file. Then go back to the file that houses the XREF, and reload the XREF, then go to each Viewport and re-initiate the Layer State. It's a long process but unfortunately it is the way it works.


Since version 2008+ there is a new Layer Evaluation tool that quickly and easily keeps track of new/changed layers and gives you control over enabling/disabling them. When you eventually get an upgrade from your current 2007, this is the feature that you'll use in this situation. :)

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Sorry for the tardy response but thanks!


I found out that the person who had made the master file actually re-created the layer state manually by freezing and thawing layers for each viewport.


Upgrading to the newest version soon and hopefully it won't be as painstaking.



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