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import 3d object to revit


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is it possible to create a 3d object using, solidworks, autocad, inventor and then imort it into revit, if so can you advise on how to do it.

or would you recommend using revit to create the 3d object making a new family. what is best way.

trying to produce a 3d image of a daiken air con unit and can not find anything suitable. so therefore need to create my own. any advice?




ellesmere port

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im unsure about importing from other vertical/cad products but i think it would be easiest to make it as a new family within Revit.

so you have a picture of what you are drawing?

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Hi, yes you can import some geometry into Revit - at least in 9 or 9.1 - however, you will have to place it in ACAD first then open the ACAD file in Revit.


You might want to try one of the free Intellicad versions if you don't have ACAD to get to this point - or whatever software will save it as .dwg.


Naturally it is not parametric but does show in sections. I just use it as forms for modeling in Rev., but your use would seem to work.


I have had success importing .3ds file geometry and ACIS - saved in a .dwg. Also solids made in ACAD work as well.

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I have 3D dwg files from an architect that I can open in AutoCAD 2009 as 3D elements, but when they are imported into Revit 2009 none of the 3D elements show up at all. Exploding turns them into 2D elements.


Can anyone help me get the 3D dwgs to show up as 3D elements in Revit?

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For AutoCAD Vertical Products (i.e. MEP, Architecture, etc...)

File > IFC > Export to IFC...


Don't know about the plain-jane vanilla products.

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This discussion answered my question about the folding stairs from yesterday. Draw them in AutoCAD, and import.....duh, why didn't I think of that? Of course, I have only been using Revit for 3 or 4 days now.


Thanks guys!

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