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A little help please :s

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I'm having a little problem answering some college questions and was wondering if someone can please help me? my question paper reads:


State how to construct a drawing frame?


any answers would be greatly appreciated.


(sorry if i posted this in the wrong place i'm still new)


oops i forgot to mention im currently using autocad 2009 at college lol if thats any help?

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Have you come across any of these words in your class:






Line, polyline, or rectangle


Do any of them ring a bell?


Where are you going to school? What kind of class is this?

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byron welcome to the forums.


"Drawing frame?" Might you be needing a title block?

AutoCAD does ship with several title block samples.


Need a bit more infomation.

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yip i am familiar with all those terms, i last used auto cad 2 years ago so im a bit rusty unfortunatley, :oops:


I have called a freind and he has said that they only want a list of which buttons/steps i would have to take to create a border.


and i do not have to create a tiltle box ect either so hopefully its kinda straight forward.


thank you for you time its much appreciated.

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