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Lee Mac

Line Length Calculator

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Lee Mac

Line Length Calculator


This program will calculate the total length of Lines/Polylines/LWPolylines/Arcs/Ellipses/Circles/Splines with an optional filter.


The Filter may be used to select only those lines that are on a certain layer, or perhaps have a certain linetype or colour.


The results of the calculation can be displayed in an ACAD Table within the drawing, or written to either a CSV or TXT File. The Table-Style may be selected from the drop-down in the main dialog.



Main Interface:


LenCal 1.7 Dialog.png

Options Dialog:


LenCal 1.7 Settings.png


The user may select a filter of Layer/Linetype/Colour, and select multiple items to filter. A filter string may be entered to help the user quickly find the filter items that he/she requires.


The style for the Table may be selected from the drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog.





{ Previous Version Shown in Demo }


Function Syntax: LenCal


For instructions on how to run the program see here.


Any comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome. Either PM me directly, or reply to the original thread.





LenCal V1.7.lsp

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Barmaley Bubusikin

Please tell me in what encoding I need to open LenCal V1.7.lsp. I see this in ANSI-1251 encoding:

(princ "\nш¤є°`°є¤ш  LenCal.lsp ~ Copyright © by Lee McDonnell  ш¤є°`°є¤ш")
(princ "\n   ~¤~          ...Type \"LenCal\" to Invoke...            ~¤~   ")

;;                             End of Program Code                               ;;

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Its just pretty stuff extended text characters, opening in notepad should see.


;;                                                                               ;;
;;                                                                               ;;
;;                       --=={  Length Calculator  }==--                         ;;


If you don't like it can replace/remove.


Normally use utf-8 or ansi.



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