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Block Data Extraction Query.

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My self Manish and I'm new to this group posting comment for the first time.


I am working on storm water drainage system and i want to place gullies on road curb and open area and need to give three setting out point as northing and easting on each gully so the surveyor can implement with correct alignment.


i have made block of gullies and now i can extract the only one point of block by EATTEXT command and i wish to get all three point in block.


is their any way that i can extract set out coordinates three points from one block. their is around 1000 gullies.


I am using autocad 2007.

See the attached cad file that will more clear.




Gully block.dwg

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You can add attributes contain coordinate in the value. Use fields so the coordinates will be automatically updated.

This is how you can use fields to report your coordinates. I will try to write in details how you can report it using data extraction. It's to long to describe it in here, plus I have to upload some screenshots.


But you can try my file and see the screenshot.


Let me know if you still have problem.

coordinate reports.jpg

Gully block-edwin.dwg

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The way to go is to take your block look at scales, x y and angle so can work out the 3 points. Save as invisible attributes. Need some time.



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