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VBA - split objects into points


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hello to all, this is my first post after being reading this wonderfull forums for a while


I'm looking after a way to programatically (VBA) get points coordinates every an arbitrary length.

Some sort of "split objects each x unit lenght" function


Let me explain by example:


If I had a line whose points were P1(0,0) P2 (3,4), I'd need to be able to

"splitObjectEach(2.5)" and then I'll get VBA'looping through it, for that object, a new point P3(1.5,2)


I'm specially interested in being able to do that for objects distinct to lines, specially arcs and different curves (lines are easily workable through basic math)


FYI I'm trying to build the software to control a home made cnc cutting machine, and I need first to be able to transform an acad drawing into a set of points (the more points the better)


regards, anibal

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