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Best software forViz?


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The best program is the one you are most comfortable with and is the easiest for you to use. This question can only be answered by you, which is why I recommend that people download and try out all the various programs available in order to find the one that works best for them. 3DS Max works best for me, but you might like Maya or Lightwave or Cinema 4D or some other program better.

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Thank you for that. I am allready using a 3D software for Viz, I thought it could be interesting to see what others would suggest. Those program you mentioned are good program for viz, 3ds would be the best of those you mention. I have been using 3ds since 1995, working together with a firm that had license for that, but it is a very expensive piece of software. I am using modo 401 from luxology, very nice software for Viz and 3D design. The best of all is that they have an affordable price. around 695.- USD



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