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pdf objects/layer

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I have 2 pdf images where 1 is overlapping the other, how do i change this so its the other way round? im sure its very simple but iv'e experimented and cant find an answer!


if only autocad worked like word lol, any suggestions guru's?


many thanks

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You are very patient, my friend!

The PDF file format does supports layers-but this feature is rarely used by the pdf creator programs. So, to make the long story short: *if* the images were on their own layers, and *if* the layers were translated into the pdf document, so just open the pdf with Adobe Acrobat (the full program, I am not sure if the reader works with layers) and turn on/off the desired layers.

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Not sure if this works with PDF-images, but mark it, right-click on the border and select "Bring to Front" (or "Send to Back")

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