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3x3 Grid Routine


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I've tried to write a LISP routine quickly, but came up with nothing -- just lots of errors and gibberish. I have never written a true script before, so would consider myself an extreme beginner when it comes to LISP. I just don't have the time to spend and figure it out as work is very busy.


Basically, what I need to do is take a windowed area, and create a 3x3 grid in that window. I need the spacing to be even... ie: x spacing = x length/3, y spacing = y length/3. (The windowed area may be a rectangle, not always a square)


Ideally, I would like a small circle placed within each square. Would the easiest way be to create one square with a circle, and then array it? I am so helpless right, lol.


Think anyone can help me out? :oops:


I attached an example :geek:


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See how it will work for you


(defun C:rac  (/ cpt hgt leng pt1 pt2 pt3 rad ss)
 (setq	leng (getdist "\nEnter the length of an outer contour: ")
hgt  (getdist "\nEnter the height of an outer contour: ")
rad  (/ leng 60.)			  ;<-- change the radius to your suit
 (setq	pt1 (getpoint "\nPick the lower left corner: ")
pt1 (list (car pt1) (cadr pt1))
pt2 (list (+ (car pt1) leng) (+ (cadr pt1) hgt))
 (command "._rectang" "_non" pt1 "_non" pt2)
 (setq pt3 (list (+ (car pt1) (/ leng 3)) (+ (cadr pt1) (/ hgt 3))))
 (setq ss (ssadd))
 (command "._rectang" "_non" pt1 "_non" pt3)
 (ssadd (entlast) ss)
 (setq cpt (mapcar (function (lambda (a b) (/ (+ a b) 2))) pt1 pt3))
 (command "._circle" "_non" cpt rad)
 (ssadd (entlast) ss)
 (command "._-array" ss "" "_R" 3 3 (/ hgt 3) (/ leng 3))
(princ "\nStart command with RAC...")



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