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Which is best for 2d?


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Anyone be able to tell me whats the best version of AutoCAD for 2d drafting.


I'm currently studding civil and we use AutoCAD 2008 but im looking for something to use while at home.


I can download AutoCAD Civil 3D for free from the student site but dont want to waste 2gig of download to find it cant do what im after.



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Currently at my office we us AutoCad 2007 LT, which will be upgraded to 2009 LT very soon. We have also been on 2004 LT.


I have personally used;


Architectural Desktop

AutoCad 2000

AutoCad 2004 LT

AutoCad 2006

AutoCad 2007

AutoCad 2007 LT

AutoCad 2009


Cad is Cad. Meaning they all do the same thing with different features as newer versions come out new features are added. Since the firm I work for doesn't do 3d AutoCad LT (Light) works just fine for us, its cheaper then Full Cad and lacks the 3d functionality of Cad and some features, like 2004 LT did not have very good ORTHO tracking. As new versions come out they have better features and add some features from full Cad into the light version, like now there is great ORTHO. If my memory serves me right 2006 is when they added dynamic blocks, which I'm a huge fan of that feature.

So really the newer the version you get the better. Architectural Desktop is really fun to play aswell.

If I where you I'd get 2009 LT it will do the job just fine.


:Added Note:

Better yet you'd most likely be better off downloading your student AutoCad Civil, as any version of AutoCad is pricey.

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but dont want to waste 2gig of download to find it cant do what im after.


And what is it your after? what do you want from your 2d package?

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Are you maxed out on disk space or what? I mean heck, it's a free download for you. Try it out and see if it works for what you need, (I'm sure it will), and if it doesn't do what you want, or if it bogs down your system, just uninstall it.

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