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Intermitent AENEXT

Glen Smith

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Does anyone else have a problem with AENEXT working sometimes and not others? I have a macro button that I wrote that saves a drawing and then calls the AENEXT that is built into ACAD Electrical, which should open the next drawing in the active project. It works about 50% of the time. About 90% of the rest of the time, simply hitting the arrow button in the ACE: Main Electrical II toolbar will move me to the next drawing. the rest of the time, I just have to close the drawing and open the next one manually through the Project manager.


I believe that I am current on all service packs and hot fixes.




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Hello glen, I used to have the same problem and I couln't fixed until I changed my settings to SDI 1. If I have the SDI 0, I will have the problem that you have. I hope this would help you solve you problem.

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