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duplicate coordinates creates one point


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Here is my problem, I am trying to plot about 10,000 points and some of them have the same coordinates. This wouldn't be so bad if you were going to view them all at the same time, but I don't want to. I want to be able to sort through them by a date that I have in there and see all the points for that date. Well here is the problem. Since autocad/Civil3D is plotting once point for the same coordinates it doesn't show both of the points when I sort the data. It will only show the point for one of the times I sort it but not the other. For example I have point 3,4 and date 12-12-07 and point 3,4 with a date 12-11-07. When I sort by date (12-12-07) it gives me the point, good! when I sort by date 12-11-07 the point does not show up.


How can I prevent this from happening?


Is there a setting in civil3d?


I just want it to create and object point/for every single data entry I have.


Again I have about 10000 points and I have about 600 missing because of this possible glitch or setting


Any idea?

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I'm just going to move your thread to the Civil3D area in hope of a sensible answer


is there any way you can have your points for specific dates on separate layers?

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It's not really practical because there are about 10k points over a 50 week period with points for every single day. The easiest way to accomplish what I am doing is to insert all of the points and apply a simple filter, but that is where the points are getting messed up. I was wondering if there was a parameter somwhere that could be changed so it would create an object for each point.


Civil3D recognized every point and tells you that just before they are plotted.


This project is going to be somthing that will be done often which is why I am trying to find a solution to the problem that isn't extremely tedious. Thanks for any help, I really appreciate you guys takin a look at this.

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I'll have to check into it in the morning. For duplicate point numbers you can set it to renumber the points on import. I don't have c3d at home or I'd find it now. Hope you can wait about 12 hours. That is... so long as that storm doesn't jump up here overnight and close work down for the day. :lol:

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Ah here you go friend. From the help file:


Resolution Specifies how the point number conflict is resolved:

  • Add An Offset: Adds the offset specified for the Add An Offset From option to the source point number. For example, if you enter an offset of 200, source points with numbers 1, 2, and 3 are re-numbered 201, 202, and 203.
  • Merge: Overwrites point data that exists in the destination point with data that exists in the source point and preserves data in the destination point that is not supplied by the source point.
  • Overwrite: Overwrites the destination point.
  • Sequence From: Begins renumbering the source points using the point number specified in the Sequence From option.
  • Use Next Point Number: Assigns the next unused point number to the point.

Add An Offset From Specifies the offset to be added to the source point number when the Resolution is set to Add An Offset. Enter an integer.


Sequence From Specifies the starting sequence number for renumbering the source points when the Resolution is set to Sequence From. Enter an integer.


Apply To All Duplicate Point Numbers Specifies that the Resolution setting is applied to any additional duplicate point numbers encountered by the command. If a duplicate point number occurs that cannot be resolved based on the Resolution setting, this dialog box displays again.



And here is the duplicate point number dialogue (see attached) you should see when you go to import the duplicate points.


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yes, I looked at this yesterday and this is for the point number/name I believe not the actual coordinates themselves. I have points that have the same coordinates but have different information attached to them and civil3d makes the points as one graphical point with two arrows pointing from each set of information. The problem is when I sort them only set of data will show up in a sort. So if the date on one is 11/2/07 and the date on the other is 11/3/07 and the coordinates are the same, when I sort this by 11/2/07 the point will show up in the sorted data, but when i sort it by 11/3/07 the point is simply not there. I need civil3d to make an object/block for every point coordinate even the ones that have duplicate coordinates. It is imperative that I am able to sort them and see all the points that should be there.


Let me know if that does or doesn't make sense. I tried to explain it well.

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So your point numbering, nor the descriptions are duplicated; just the coords of the points. Am I understanding this correctly now?

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Hmm. I'm not sure about that problem. I can doodle with it if you send me your point files, or you can go to theswamp.org > vertical > land lubber forum and ask the question there.


What version of Civil 3D are you using?

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