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'07 Cursor Box

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My memory is failing, I just forget.


I reloaded AutoCAD '07 on my laptop.

All is well except (scratching head), when I move the cursor, left or right I get a box filled with color.


What is the tools option to turn off this annoyance? :?

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And what color(s) do you see?


A green goin' left, bluish movin' to the right.


Guess I could live with it, just don't like it. :unsure:

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Cad64 beat me to it. I kinda thought that's what you were referring to. Glad you are all squared away.


Squared away today, Saturday, cold 'n windy outdoors. Ugh.


I usually use '05 on my laptops, decided to load '07 which I use on desktops. Nowadays, I seldom find myself behind the desk. 8)


For lack of incentive to work, I've been workin' on a few new titleblocks; style, dimstyle, colors. Made one for metric too! I really need to get a life.


Been playin' with Office '07 too. I use MS Word, Excel, but, playin' with the whole suite. I really need to get a life.


Sold one of my Thinkpad™ T60 laptops last week, only two left. One in the kitchen, one on a spare desk (seldom used). Now, I really need to get a new life! :lol:

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