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Can't select objects

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Hi everyone, first timer and Newbie here. Just starting out in the ACAD world... been a Visio guy for a while.


Just received a DWG file with a floorplan that contains Fire Alarm devices on it. It opens fine in AC but, I *can't* seem to pick any object. Hovering over or directly selecting any object, makes No change?


I've got the current layer selected, unfrozen, unlocked, open - thru layer manager, but just can't select anything. I can change the color of all objects within the layer but can not select a specific object or group of objects.


It's almost as if the file is protected from any changes. Tried various changes, even added/moved/resized my own objects without any problem, but the original objects just remain untouchable???


So, what simple thing am I missing here??? :?


Thanks in advance, John

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You nailed that one over the fence. Yes, it appears that I was in fact in the wrong layout space. In my case, I have buttons along the bottom/middle which allowed me to change space and make the edits.


Thanks for your quick reply.



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