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AutoCad 2007 - Architechural Desktop 2007

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I'm relatively new to the AutoCad world, but seem to have an issue during installation...

I like to have the same AutoCad environment I used in school, but when I go through the installation, I seem to get Architectural Desktop 2007 installed without the traditional AutoCad I'm used to working in...

How can I get the installation to include this...?

I'm missing the following menus: Draw, Dimension, & Modify as well as the whole interface is different...


Any direction appreciated,


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Somewhere during the installation there should be a box you can check that will install vanilla cad as well as ADT...


ADT has everythin vanilla cad has with some upgrades, though the interface and all the menus are the same. So you should be able to just use ADT.

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type OPTIONS, and go to the profiles tab, click the AutoCAD profile in the list, and make it current, that should set you up.


when you get a chance, take a look around the Autocad Architecture stuffs, there is alot of great things in there, the detail component manager is very good!

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Thanks for the prompt replies, it is greatly appreciated ! ! !

I'll explore the options and get back with my results...


Hopefully, I'll learn quickly so I can reply and help contribute...


Thanks again,


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I'm back but without results...


Options --> Profiles only reveals the following

Architectural Desktop - Imperial

Architectural Desktop - Metric

Architectural Desktop - Metric - D A CH


No AutoCad choice...

If I was more proficient, I would know many of the command line commands which would allow me to access many of the traditional drawing, dimensioning and modify commands.


If I resort to a re-install, where can I find/look for the option for the "vanilla" installation...?


Many Thanks again for your time and effort!


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all the toolbars or menus that are in vanilla cad are in ADT...look through your cui to add your menus or for toolbars just right click in an empty space next to a toolbar and select the ones you want...

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Hello again,


Thank you again for your time on this!

I do not see a way to include the missing menus, as mentioned above, I have in my original installation... I have included a few links to screen captures in the hopes of seeing what can be done... I may just remove/uninstall and carefully proceed with a re-install in the hopes of getting my interface like "vanilla" cad...

As you'll see, the menus as well as the toolbar choices are not as suggested...


Any additional advice is greatly appreciated...


Original Installation Screen Shots - "Vanilla Cad":




Newest Installation Screen Shots - ADT:




Many Thanks again for your time and insight!




(Newbies cannot post links, sorry for the copy/paste link)

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