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A question about seemingly misleading dimensions...

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I have a question about dimensions of a certain drawing. I have placed a red square about the section in question.To the top of the box is an arrow pointing towards it that says: "W 14 X 26". So I assume it means that the box is 14 units wide and 26 units high. However, to the right side of the box in question, the dimension marker clearly states that the length is 13.875 units; rather than, 26 units. I'm obviously misunderstanding something, but the dimensions seem to be accurate to follow for the rectangle on the left side. Not to mention, I'm not given another dimension on the side such as the section I outlined in red.hmm.JPG

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The designation W14x26 is "W" for the shape (YES! Don't ask me why it's called a 'W' shape but it is...trust me on this). The "14" refers to the nominal height of the beam. The "26" refers to the weight in pounds per lineal feet. If you want to know the actual dimensions of the structural steel shape you'll have to get your hands on a steel book or look it up on the Internet.

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The dubya stands for Wide Flange. Steel beams come in a couple of different flange widths. The wide flange beams provide enough bearing surface to set the ends of horizontal support beams on.


Standard width flanges are usually used to build something other than buildings.

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