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Adjusting mouse sensitivity.


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:?I recently acquired a new "Genius" optical mouse with a USB connector, to replace my old mouse because the center wheel ceased to work. This mouse was connected to a PS2 socket.

Now the problem I am experiencing is that the mouse is very sensitive which I would expect using USB communication.

I have been into Control panel>mouse and set the speed as low as possible. Although this helped a bit, I still find the mouse too sensitive.

Is there some other means of making adjustments?

Tried software but unable to find any means to adjust.


Your assistance would be appreciated?

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Backed up registry as advised and followed your referenced document.

Speed was set at 1. Reset to 0.

Achieved desired result.

Experienced no problems with registry but do believe this precautionary action is necessary when going into the registry.

Many thanks problem solved.

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