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solview and soldraw command

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I would like to ask to anyone on what is the use of the soldraw and the soldview command, what does it do to the drawing ? what is its purpose ? :geek:

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It's explained pretty well in the Autocad Help Files (F1).


The excerpt below is from ellenfinkelstein.com


Readers of my books often ask me how to convert a 3D drawing into a 2D drawing -- either to simplify dimensioning or for presentation purposes. Here are three techniques:


If your drawing is made up of solids, you should use SOLVIEW and SOLDRAW or SOLPROF, because they provide the most accurate results.

  • SOLVIEW automates the creation of floating viewports and orthogonal views of your model. SOLVIEW also creates a special layer for dimensioning. For a view that you have named "front," look for a layer called front-dim. You can use these layers to create dimensions in paper space.
  • SOLDRAW works with the views created by SOLVIEW and creates 2D profiles, including hatching for sections.
  • SOLPROF requires that you create your own floating viewports and that you start on a layout in model space. This command then creates profiles. You can create hidden views by choosing Yes at the "Display hidden profile lines on separate layer?" prompt and then freezing or turning off the layers that represent hidden lines.


Also, take a look at THIS old tutorial.

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Short answer: It basically "automates" a lot of the process of profiling solid models and setting up of view ports for mutiple views of said soild models.

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SOLDRAW will also create layers for the object, all hidden lines, and one for dimensioning of the particular view. If you are doing a cross-section it will also add a layer for just for the hatching.

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