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plotting oversized template

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hello autocad users!!

well i been using autocad for i think now about a week....

im making a template for a hole pattern i need to print, im very new to autocad features but it was easy enough to make what in needed.


my problem now is how do i print what i made?


i have a normal 8.5x11 printer, i want to print the document to multiple pages and i can tape them together from there.


i found this thread http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?t=23253

but i don't understand how to do this, can someone please help, thanks in advanced!

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daft vader

What that link is asking you to do is to just draw rectangles the size of you paper (ie 8.5x11) forming a grid over the whole drawing then just plot those size rectangles to your printer using file/plot/what to plot/window then select the rectangle then plot


But it would be alot easier just to get your cad drawing to a local print shop in the uk this will cost about 2 to 3 pounds for a A1 size print and get them to print it for you


There are even on line services to do it for you, google them ok ?

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