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Command Prompt text missing


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Hello all. New to the forums. I have an issue, bieng a newer person. I have encountered a problem using my AutoCad 2007 where the text on my command prompt area does not appear any longer.


The pc crashed and this began to happen after reboot. Any help would be much obliged.



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Thanks. Yes the command prompt is stil lthere but no text whatsoever appears on it. I can physically type a command and it works. But visually nothing appears on the command prompt screen.




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can you click and hold your cursor on the boundary between the command prompt and your drawing space - then drag yourself some more command space?


then try highlighting your last few commands


what do you get? do they show up highlighted?



like this

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Negative Sir. Nothing shows up. It does not find any records of commands on the prompt to highlight. Wether the prompt wondow is stretched of via opening the prompt through the f2 key.


could it be that the english language library would need to be reloaded? I am fishing for that.

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I believe there's also a setting which dictates how many commands are stored in the memory - and dredging the depths of my memory, I suspect this figure is usually in the region of 200


does undo work? (does undo, undo, undo work?)

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