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How to draw table fan blade?

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JD Mather
anyone can teach me to draw table fan blade with details?? Thks:D


Attach your specifications and what you have been able to complete so far. You will most likely want to become familiar with Loft and Split with surface or Extrude and intersect.

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It's certainly doable in AutoCAD but not exactly a walk in the park.


I started out by offsetting some lines for the ribs, then orienting my UCS so I can draw the loft profiles (using "splines"), perpendicular to the lines.


I then scaled the profiles a little larger then my slicing profile would end up being. Keep in mind this was quick and dirty so is not scale precisely. With more time you should create a lofting path (or rails), to control the loft not just slice afterward, but it works here.


I then center rotated the lofting profiles from -10 to +10 degrees in about 5 degree increments. This will give me the twist. I then created a center hub and did a circular array on the blades.


Note: The blade sections are a diff color because I added a second loft to make the blade a little longer. This is a diff procedure, however.








You can even do simple animations...




Hope this helps a little.



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JD Mather
It's certainly doable in AutoCAD but not exactly a walk in the park.


I think maybe you are doing a bit too much work - I'll try to post another technique tomorrow if I get a chance.

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