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circle and line intersection.......help!

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greetings everyone,


got this simple problem that driving me crazy....:?


in autocad 2007, i draw a circle of say 200


then a line from circle centre length 200 angle 21.3.


When i zoom in hard onto intersection of line and circle, its like not very clean.:(



if i click regen it shows a bit better, but how can i fix this?


Also shows up when i export the file as a .dxf to another program.

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How about your drawing limit?You should first "zoom all".The best way will be "z" enter ".5x" enter or as you like (eg..75x,.25x, ....x ...etc) to repeat to your best clear.Do you want to know dxf for what programs?

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Autocad cheats on circles and arcs it actualy draws a series of straights to represent a curve graphically hence the trade off is speed in redrawing graphically.


The Viewres sets the increment of number of straights, mathmaticly the object is a true circle. faster zooms lower Viewres, more accurate circles = slower zooms.

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