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Is AutoCAD REVIT the right software for me?


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I have been asked to gain some 3D drawing skills at work, I have used AutoCAD LT for 12+ years, using AutoCAD LT 2008 at moment


My problem is which package to use to do the 3D drawing, I will producing fairly basic steelwork structure and also details of under ground power cables were they cross existing cables.


I have been to see 1 training company, they recommended AutoCAD Revit wich I have never heard of. Does anybody use this software? could you tell me if it is good. also how does it differ from using the full version of AutoCAD. Is it better easier to use?


Would you recommend me using this software?


Thanks for your help

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We do have several threads asking similar questions, so let's move your thread to the area that covers REVIT, and if you scroll down the page you'll find some links to threads which may be useful :thumbsup:

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What we use is Revit Structure Suite. It comes with Revit, Autocad 2009, Detailing plugin for Autocad (steel, concrete). We use the Revit for creating 3d models for permit issue and engineering software. Revit lacks post tension, but we're able to export our model into Autocad and create some the items we need. Revit does seem to be a good tool for steel detailing. It gives you full information about the member, but lacks base plate, wall hangers, and holes in the beam or column. But you can make families to be added to create these. The only thing with Revit you have to throw out all you know about AutoCad. It's a whole new program.

good luck.


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There is no such thing as AutoCAD Revit. They are two separate totally different platforms. Revit is taking the place of AutoCAD by leaps and bounds. Forward thinking tells you to go with Revit and make the break from AutoCAD ASAP. Do not make the mistake most are making and going back to AutoCAD whenever they run into a rough spot with Revit. It's only going to make the transition harder. I've heard Revit is very nice for structure and just like AutoCAD, some of the generic OOTB content is good, but there is a need to obtain or create additional content.

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