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Making VBA programs run by Hot Keys or menus


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Is it possable to make a VBA Program start running using a menu pick or a hot

key. What is the easyest way to make a VBA program pop up in AutoCAD 2010

Thank you,

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Here is a code example just put it in your autoload file


(defun C:vbadrn ()

(vl-vbaload "S:/AutoDESK/VBA/vbadrains.dvb")

(vl-vbarun "pitscheduleupdate")



you can either type vbadrn or assign it to a menu ^c^cvbadrn or again in the menu ^c^c(vl-vbaload S:/AutoDESK/VBA/vbadrains.dvb") (vl-vbarun "pitscheduleupdate")

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I guess by your question that your running a VBA that some else has written, to answer though the question there is two steps.


1 Load a VBA program it can contain many different routines within it. "VBDRAINS.dvb"


2 Run a particular sub routine within the VBA program "pitschedule"


If your VBA is already loaded as part of your statrtup proceedure then you only need step2 to run.

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