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convert to pdf

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Hi guys. you helped me on my last problem so here goes no 2


auto cad 2000 Worked on a drawing and someone wants me to send it to them in pdf so they can print in a3

I am an absolute beginner so step by step instructions only please if you can help me.

Regards gordon

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I. First and foremost you must have an installer of PDF Maker by Adobe;

try to google it coz i dont know which sites give a free version that wont watermark your PDF outputs.


II. Install it.

-After Installation, check your Computer; START>Printers and Faxes, see its there


III. Open Your said file in AutoCAD, Plot> under Printer/Plotter, Select Adobe PDF, then just treat it as if its a printer, toggle paper size, plot style, etc.


IV. PRINT> then it will prompt for you to save it.

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Many users recommend CutePDF as their program of choice. This free PDF application can be downloaded at www.cutepdf.com.


Have you looked at similiar threads (such as those listed below)?


LOLZ, man u guys are just too fast ^^

i was just writing a post :D

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If the user has AutoCAD 2007 or above PDF files can be directly created from within. The user must select the Plot to PDF option. The procedure is pretty much identical to creating a paper plot or DWF. Normal settings and options available for plotting are also supported with PDF.

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