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general working methods


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what are the best working methods when working in sketch up?

is it best to create everything as components so you don't have this thing where things stick together, or are their other methods that you more experienced guys stick to?

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That is a good way to work. Using groups and components can save you time and trouble.

Don't forget layers.


thanks f700es,


so I take it that's the best way to work then,


as for using layers, I take it that is just the normal way as other CAD packages or photoshops for the ability to switch things on and off?

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That is correct.


As for groups and components. Create components if you plan on repeating something. That way if you need to change one, all the other components with the same name will change as well. Otherwise just make groups. However, a group or component is no different as far as file size is concerned.

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