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3D rotate?

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is it possible to do 3D rotate with LT ?


Have you tried? :unsure:

It's true that you can't build 3D models in LT, but you can view them. Check your Help files to see what options are available.

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Patrick Hughes

Yes you can rotate in 3d in LT but not with the rotate3d command because it is not available in LT.


You must orient the UCS and then perform the rotate, possibly via multiple UCS reorientations and multiple (2d) rotations.

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SPARKY77 is right, AutoCAD LT is only for 2D.


It's a news for me.

What does "LT" mean? Is it "lite"?

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Quoted from Draftsperson.net:

AutoCAD LT is a "scaled down" version of AutoCAD. "LT" does not stand for "light"; it originally stood for "lap top". (One pronounces the letters individually.) When AutoCAD LT was first introduced in 1993, laptop computers did not have the performance features they have today. A version of AutoCAD with a reduced feature set, and thus a smaller memory footprint, was needed for portable use. AutoCAD LT was the result.

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