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I don't if it's specific to my computer or my 'mature' eyes, but the text within code tags sure is hard to read... is there a way (either on your end or mine) to increase the size and/or change the font?

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OK, how is it now?


Some sample text to illustrate the readability of words and phrases when enclosed in CODE tags.

Code fragment to test readability:
(defun c:helix() 
 (setq spin -1); -1=CW, 1=CCW 
 (setq ri (getreal "Base radius: ") rf (getreal "Top radius: ")) 
 (initget (+ 1 4)) 
 (setq h (getreal "Height: ")) 
 (initget (+ 1 2 4)) 
 (setq tu (getreal "Number of turns: "))

I changed the color to black and increased the font size slightly.

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OK, I've made another tweak - that's probably as big as we want to go and is certainly readable - at least it is from where I'm sitting. :)


Note to self:

Increased text height to 14px and line height to 1.2em (original was 12px and 1em).

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