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SU users, Podium Or Twilight?


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looking at getting into more SU and really want to get the rendering side of is sorted. I am after a renderer that works inside SU and can pretty much do the image i have posted below. The image below is done in Max.











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Twilight gets my vote.

The interface, material editor and stability are all superior IMHO. And yes I have used both.

You can look through my blog (in my signature) and click on the Twilight label. I did all those with Twilight. But believe me there are much better examples on the Twilight Forum as well.

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Thanks Eric, i was fishing for your answer :)


I figured you may have used both. I stopped playing with SU for a while, but for some reason have jumped back into it over the last few months and

after replying to a thread in the acad3d section, i found acad 3d to be clunky.

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Thanks. That is one of my favorites as well. It has a mood I like. There is one of those just outside my office that has many years on it... this one is "new".

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I am loving Thea but it is a stand alone and has a much higher learning curve than Twilight. The nice thing about Twilight is it works inside SU, Thea does not.


That said, I have not touched Twilight much in a while... playing with Thea.

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