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Getting North Arrow to point to North!


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I am new to these forums and have a bit of a CADMAP question those hopefully someone can answer (I tried the search and no threads came up). I know it sounds kind of amateur to ask it, but I have a mapbook that I have to create for a client and I cannot seem to find a function to get the north arrow to point at the correct position set up by the coordinate system. I know the simple answer; just manually position it, right?


Well, my problem is that I have have 178 pages in my map book (its a map of Windsor, Ontario), and I was wondering if anyone had a less labouring solution to this problem?


The other issue is that the client supplied the map to us showing the areas they want it divided into, and it is a bit of a mess (lets just say, nothing is squared or even referenced correctly) and I have little say in changing the map into something more workable, as it is also tied to other systems that they use for other purposes.


So the question again, is there an easy way to get the north arrows in the layout drawings to point North, or do I have to do it manually?

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