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windows environment variables

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Hello all!


I was wondering if it was possible to use windows environment variables in AutoLISP? Specifically I'm trying to do this:

(load "%APPDATA%/Autodesk/ACD-MEP 2009/enu/Support/acaddoc.lsp")

but that won't work (obviously to all you...), I need a way to "extract the string windows stores as the %APPDATA% variable into that line.


Thanks for the help!

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Never knew that

before the sysvarname was the same as a
before and after the sysvar.

So (getvar "LOCALROOTPREFIX) = (getvar "loacalrootprefix")

Now I can spare some keystrokes :-)

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No, not like that at all.


more like this:


(load (strcat (getvar 'LOCALROOTPREFIX) "support\\acaddoc.lsp"))


but that isnt really proper either (the above is the lazy man's method); you *should* check to see if the file exists first and stuff like that.

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I want to accomplish the proper equivalent of :


(load "%APPDATA%/Autodesk/ACD-MEP 2009/enu/Support/acaddoc.lsp")


We have a corporate acaddoc.lsp which loads some scripts or somesuch for our corporate setting. BUT, we are allowed to have our own personal lisp scripts. what I'd like to do is propose they add the above, in order to allow a user to have a %APPDATA%/Autodesk/ACD-MEP 2009/enu/Support/acaddoc.lsp file to automatically load their personal scripts. I'd like to know how to do it when I propose it so that it is more likely to be implemented.

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Are my posts invisible?


oh, sorry, the forum didn't tell me you had posted, so I missed that.


If the file doesn't exist, will anything bad happen?

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Se7en, that line tries to load:

C:\\Documents and Settings\\user\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Autodesk\\ACD-MEP 2009\\enu\\support\\acaddoc.lsp

but that directory is empty, all my support files are at:

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Autodesk\ACD-MEP 2009\enu\Support

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Try this one: (load (strcat (getvar 'ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX) "support\\acaddoc.lsp"))


perfect! thank you very much for your help!!

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