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Need certain size .bmp's


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Hello. I have a floor plan drawing that is usually plotted on an Arch E1 size paper at 1/8" = 1'. I need to find a way to easily divide the drawing into tiles and output them to .bmp's with the dimensions 780 x 538. The drawings need to be viewed on a monitor so they should have some kind of screen resolution like 96dpi or something? I hope I am explaining myself correctly. Any help would be gretly appreciated. Thank you.

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Install a raster plotter. See if the sheet set manager can divide the drawing in tiles and plot them in that way. If so, print in BMP format.

Or you can use a simple Lisp to calculate the coords and send to the printer tiles one by one. Maybe even a script can do the job.

If you wish to do it by hand, create a new layer, make it current and set it to NoPlot. Cover the drawing with rectangles and use them as snap points when you specify the window in the plot dialog.

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