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Can anyone find the problem in this hatch pattern?


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I was wondering if anyone here can find the problem in this hatch pattern as I'm sure I've used it before but now AutoCAD 2009 LT tells me it cannot read the hatch pattern?


I've attahced the hatch pattern file.

If somone could please find the issue in the file and send it back then I'd be very grateful! As I've had a quick look myself but i'm not 100%. I know it has to have an empty line after the code but I've checked that and it can't be that!


Hoping someone may know more than me?

Thanks everyone!


(P.S; i couldn't upload it as a .PAT so copied and pasted the whole hatch file into notepad and made it a .txt)


(P.P.S; apologies, perhaps should have started this thread in the 2D drafting sub-menu! :oops:)

Hatch pattern 1.txt

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realised I've probably started this thread in the wrong area
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If the hatch pattern is within the acad.pat file, then there should be no problem.


If you are using it as a stand-alone file, then the file name must be the same as the pattern name, which is 21 characters long including spaces. If the file name is not the same, then AutoCAD cannot read the hatch pattern.


For a stand-alone file, try using the first five characters for both the file name and the pattern name.

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