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Components? tell me about them?


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Ok, i want to setup a library of components that i will use for 3d kitchen layouts.


i have drawn a 600w 560d 720h LHS cupboard that i have the carcase on its own layer and colour [white] and the door i have on its own layer and colour [blue]


when i bring the component into the new drawing, i use the bucket tool to try and change the colour of the door, but instead some of the carcase edges change colour and the door stays the same. if i explode the component, then i can change the colour of the door.


is there somewhere i can read up about components as google is a bit vague

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got it working




i set the carcase up with parts having white colour and then made into groups, the door was left as default and not set as a group.


then when its dragged into a new drawing, it comes in as a component, and i then use the bucket tool to apply a colour that changes the door only.


happy, so far :)


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