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Complex Linetype Unloads Self


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Has this ever happened to you? There's a complex linetype in your drawing. It looks fine until you try to plot it, when suddenly the shapes are gone. A treeline, for instance, turns into a row of dots. Bosses don't like that.


I've checked the usual suspects. The linetype and shape definition files are in the proper folders. In this case the linetype is TREELINE_R from AeccLand.lin, which references the TREE shape in AeccLand.shx. The variables LTSCALE, MSLTSCALE, PSLTSCALE, and PLINEGEN don't affect it (usual values all = 1).


I've researched the forum for clues. So far I've tried purging the linetype, then reopening the drawing, then restarting AutoCAD. It happens for different plotters, different drawings, even different companies. It sometimes clears up for no apparent reason.

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