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Point Label Style in Civil3D


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I have successfully created a whole range of particular settings for labeling my points (which are topos points with the headers of N,E,el) in the Label Style Composer and created a new style particularly for these kinds of points. Actually, i created 3 different Label Styles based on the description of the topo point)


My predicament, is that clients will send me their .dwg files, and i have to import the points i collect onto there drawing which obviously don't have all the label styles I just learned to create so the points don't label correctly and i have to re-create all the styles each time?!


question: How can I apply my Point Label Styles onto another .dwg?



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Generally we don't do topos in DWG files sent to us from others. Instead, we create a new DWG file, then create our topo in there. Then our topo drawing can be XREF'd into a design drawing, and/or the surface can be DREF'd into the design drawing.


This helps keep responsibilities separate. Plus, there are too many settings involved in a DWG, and too many chances of running into unexpected problems when using a DWG file sent "by others". It's much safer to do a topo in a new DWG you've created from your own template.

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Open both files. Make the client dwg current. From Prospector you can drag the styles from the Settings tab of the source file to the graphics screen of the client's.


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Thank you both for the quick and thorough replies: Please let me digest your comments and I will try and post a follow up question with a better understanding of civil3D!


much thanks!

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