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CIVIL 3D PLAN PRODUCTION - for Large Subdivisions

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I have finished all my subdiviions designs in Civil3D CAD ( roads, profiles, etc...) and am getting ready to "cut" all my sheets (25 sheets) to be able to issue the construction documents.

I have experimented with the Plan Production Tool (Viewframes,Sheets,etc...)

I like the fact that it can actually get the profiles legible at the right scale,etc...

I like the automated features: Matchline Text,etc...


QUESTION: Does any consulting company REALLY use this "wizard" or is there a ?

QUESTION: How can I "edit" the SHEET TEMPLATE that Plan Production Tools is using (I have my own customization I would like to do)...How do I access ALL the Settings for the Plan Production Wizard ?


**NOTE: I feel that the rest of the Civil Engr Indutry is NOT switching to Civil3D but sticking to the LandDesktop Transition..... After several months, I am finally convinced that Civil3D is more flexible....I am all alone in trying to create Construction Documents with Civil3D ?***

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No, you are not alone. There are a lot of people transitioning to Civil 3D. I know several people who have been looking for jobs, and commenting on how it seems everyone they talk is looking to hire only people who have Civil 3D experience. A lot of these companies may still be using primarily Land Desktop in their active production, but they've seen the writing on the wall, and have started the switch. Now they're trying to find anyone with any level of experience in Civil 3D, even over someone with lots of Land Desktop experience. And as another sign of the change, we recently bid our first job which explicitly stated that deliverables MUST be in Civil 3D format. Autodesk pushed Civil 3D to market too fast, and they suffered a big backlash because of it. But starting somewhere around the 2009 version, it finally started to reach the point where it could really save a lot of time and effort. And it's getting better all the time. It's still got serious problems, but even with those problems, it allows us to greatly surpass both the speed and quality of work that Land Desktop can achieve.


And yes, you can edit the sheet template. It's simply a DWT, just like any other template, so you can customize it however you wish.

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