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Can't Select Objects?

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I'm using P&ID 2010.


I started work on a P&ID yesterday. It's a drawing of a cooling tower & associated systems for a power plant.


I got about half done yesterday, and then I stopped being able to select anything for editing or changes. I called it quits for the day, and figured it was just a transient instability that would be resolved when I started the software again. Well, when I came back to finish it this morning, the problem is still there. I can add new items, and they're still selectable and editable, but nothing that I did yesterday is accessible. This is a problem because I noticed a couple errors in what I did yesterday, and I've got to fix those, and of course there's still stuff that I need to add.


I've checked the layer browser, and everything is unlocked. I'm not sure where to go from here, though - I'm still pretty new at this software. Anyone have any ideas?




Edit: I just saved this as a copy, and the copy appears to be fully editable now. I'm not really too sure what happened, though ... The original is still locked down.

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The first thing to do is make sure you have the latest service pack for AutoCAD P&ID.



Sometimes you can remove the drawing from the project and then add it back to the project to fix this problem.

Also there is a project Audit that can be preformed.

I hope this helps.

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I have been seeing this issue lately as well. Though I am using Autocad P&ID 2011. I made a post about it here but really haven't gotten a firm answer. I have found that double clicking on a component will "unlock" it sometimes. Hope that helps?

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