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1 Block, multiple files

Mr Zee

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I'm coming back to AutoCAD2010 after a 4 years of using Vectorworks and am trying to make sense of Blocks, which I am assuming have the same(ish) properties as Vectorworks symbols.


Specifically I would like to know how to have a single block that lives in a "root" file that is referenced and "live" in multiple files. i.e, 1 site boundary block that can be referenced into multiple files and then updated accross all the files it is referenced into by editing the original site boundary block in the "root" file.


Is this possible? Is it called some other kind of block?




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Blocks reside in the drawing they are inserted in, so block changes made in the source drawing don't cross reference out to all the host drawings that block is already in. Changes must be made in each host drawing, and will only be effective in the host drawing. In fact, you can go find a newer or older version of the same block and insert it into a drawing and it will take on the current image of the block already in the drawing, IF the names are exactly the same.


Blocks are usually used for items that are the same always and everywhere, like a hex nut, or north arrow. OR for something in one drawing that you will need multiple views of at different detail levels or repetitive insertions like kitchen cabinet doors.


I think you may want to use xrefs instead. I think that is what they are for. I don't use them much because I do mostly custom residential work, so I am equivicating a little, but I believe they reload from the source every time you open the drawing. Or at least you can set your option someplace to do it like that, I think, maybe. :?

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s probably the way to go. You could have it semi-automated with a block called from a tool palette, when you change the block in the source file then when you open a drawing you would right click on the tool palette tool and pick update.

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