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Please help me with Revit Units...!


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Ok I’ve installed Revit successfully… and I used it for a couple of simple Metric drawings..

BUT… today I have an assignment due that I have to use Imperial units for it.


My problem is, I looked all over Revit for the Imperial units, but I can’t find them..


Ok, what I did was:


· In the drawing area, under Projects, I clicked New.


· In the new Project dialog, under Create New, I selected project


· Under Template file, I clicked browse, and in the left dialog , Training files should be there and I should click open Imperial\Templates [metric\templates]


· By selecting default.rt [defaultMetric.rte] click open


· Then in the new project click OK



That’s what I did at the college and I worked with feet and inches easily.


But now at home, I can’t find any imperial templates. It’s all metric…


I hope I didn’t confuse anyone, and if I did I’m really sorry…


Anyone can help me ??? :oops:


Thanks in advance

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When I downloaded the Revit student edition it gave me the option to download the metric and imperial files (which I did, as I knew much of the training exercises are in feet/inches) However, I think it is possible to change the units by opening Revit and selecting the "Settings" pull down menu. Scroll down to Project units and change the settings from metric to imperial. There still may be problems finding the correct walls and other content though, unless they are provided in the training files you have been given.


Hope this helps :)

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I did what you guys had suggested to me.. but it didn't work. i need the full library..


I contacted autodesk and i'm waiting for their reply.


i'll let you know what will happen..


thanks :)

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i'm back again with the same problem..


I can't find the imperial library.. i found some stuff, like some chairs in imperial... but i can't find the full library... I only have the metric one..


I contacted autodesk but i didn't get any reply from them... i don't know why... :(



anyone knows anything about the imperial library tell me please...

many thanks

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try this Autodesk link. It has many revit librarys




or this Autodesk one seems to have a lot of content





thank you so much for helping...

i checked them all out, but i didn't get the library... only as i said, some office stuff..

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the two icons that i have are only for autoCAD, but for revit, i downloaded the student version and i only have one icon that says revit on it that's it. and when i open it, i get the metric one only. this is makng me crazy. i contacted the autodesk but i got nothing from them. :(

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