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Whats you opinon on Revit?

Mr. Smith

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Hello all. I have been working with CAD for 11 years now. I ve seen R12 R13 R14 Autocad 2000, 2004 ADT 3.3 and now currently on ADT 2006. We are a small Construction company. We do a lot of design build in house. I have Revit 2009 installed on another computer here just testing it out. So far...I think its awful. Im still sorta stuck in theold days. 2d drafting. i use lines for walls and create my own windows and doors. I use alot of Xrefs though. Which helps when having mulitple plans. The thing i dont like about revit is. No command line. Very differnet after 11 years of a command line. Thats not so much bad...jsut different. Anther thing i have question about in revit is walls. If I have a wall that has a 6 Koreteck Wall (panelized wall system) with air space and a brick veneer up 24 " How do i tell it that. I have taken a generic wall in the system. duplicated it and renamed. then i changed the widths and can get it to show right in plan. but i dont see where i can specify the height of the veneer. also iwhen i do a section thru it. its showing up a masnry hatch insted of showning 6" koreteck wall , air space and brick veneer. Thats just one thing i need help on. There are so many questions i have once i get to looking at this program. Another question. For years we ahve sent DWG files to our Subcontractors for their use with plumbing, elec, HVAC. But is ther ea way to save as a dwg from revit? or export a dwg? I think all i see was dwf. also when importing a dwg file into revit. It loses a lot of information. Can someone jsut ell me thier thoguhts on the program. ANy problem that you all may be experienceing? My company wants to get into this BIM and 3D modeling really bad. But im sorta if'y about it. Any help would be great. Any good site or books that could show me how to set thing s up? Im having a hard time just recreating our title block for sheets. I thought heck, i'll jsut use the autocad template. But i cant get it to come in. Im jsut not sure about this. Your' thoughts?

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i have been using Revit for a while now, and i think the main thing anyone who uses the software will say is not to think of it as a new autocad.


Revit isnt autocad, it is a completely different program and needs a whole new approach to use it.


would i go back to autocad, NO WAY. Revit needs a lot of time for it to be used to its full potential, but once you grasp the basics and drawing/walls/families/detail view/scheduling you will never look to autocad :)

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I'm currently learning revit. I've been a long time user (15+ years) of AutoCAD. I have to admit, I love using Revit. Once you remember its not AutoCAD, you will start to like it more. I've not used it in a workplace yet (we're still doing 2d plans in ACAD) but I am finding it easier than I thought it would be.

Autodesk User Group (AUGI) was running a course a couple of months back on Revit Architecture, and I found it very helpful... If you are a member there, the course is available for viewing.

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