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Check Spelling during 'Edit Post'...?


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Overall I really enjoy the CADTutor forum, and wish I had found it sooner in my AutoCAD pursuits.


Something that I've found myself 'looking for' when I go to edit a post due to a typo, add additional thoughts, add (vl-load-com) to my code, or even revise my word selection for the purposes of clarity (I make a lot of mistakes! lol)... is Check Spelling.


It (Check Spelling) is available when posting a quick reply, and in the 'Go Advanced' page, but is sorely missed when going back to edit my posts.


Sidebar - Does anyone know why the Check Spelling button is in different locations between the Quick Reply, and Go Advanced views? Also the Switch Editor Mode, and Decrease/Increase Size buttons have swapped positions.


Hopefully this is a simple website update.


Thanks for the consideration!

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Curiously, there isn't a Check Spelling button in vB as standard. I wonder if this is a browser plugin that you're using? The best way of working (I find) is to use FireFox to browse the forum and then use a Language Pack Plugin. After installing your preferred language, you will see that no matter what edit box you're using, any spellings not in the chosen dictionary will be underlined in the traditional red wiggly line. This all happens on-the-fly, so no need for a Spelling button. You can even add new words to the dictionary.



The Edid Mode and Incr/Decr Size button issue is just one of the many interface inconsistencies in this version of vB. It's not significant enough for me to make a special hack because the editor is likely to be completely revised in future versions of vB. See this preview for what to expect in the not too distant future.

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At work I use IE... the spelling button has always been present since my becoming a member, and when I attempted to use the spelling button, iSpell prompted me to install their plug-in (so I did).


In contrast, at home I use a Mac (& Safari), and the spelling is automatically handled by OS X SL, similar to your description for Firefox.


... Soon my production team will be getting all new PC's, so I will refer to this thread at that time.


Cheers! :beer:

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