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Hi, I am using AutoCad 2010 Lt.


When dimensioning parts the size of the dimension is very very small, i change the dimension style to Annotation and change the Annotation scale down the bottom right hand side then click linear dimension and it hasn't changed the size ?


Sometimes it seems to work but most times it doesen't, is there a set procedure / sure fire way to change the dimension scale ? (even a way to save a type of dimension scale for all drawings or something like that).


Most times lately i end up exporting a dxf and dimensioning it in another program.

But it would be good to be able to do the lot in AutoCad.

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If you are dimensioning in model space - make sure you set the annotation scale first before dimensioning.


If you are dimensioning in paper space through a viewport. Ensure you set your viewport scale first when you are inside the viewport.


While your at it you made need to check the dim style text is the right size. You can modify the style manually by clicking on the button to the left of the dim style. OR you can click on the dimension and modify the properties manually by object.


Sounds like it may be good to go get a nearby drafter to help you out if possible. Im not entirely sure what limitations LT puts on everything as well.

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What do you mean precisely?

The size of the text, or the size of the symbol?


Either way, type 'dimstyle', , and press modify. Here you can change all the sizes of the dimension.

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Doesn't Civil 3D have a Dimensions Style feature much as plain AutoCAD does? This is where text and arrow size can be controlled as well.


Looks like I mixed up who the OP was and what he was using. Oops.

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Yeah i just don't have much time to get on the net :) thanks for the help i will try the DIMSTYLE command and see if that helps.

I am currently doing a CAD course but at the moment we are drawing everything by hand and it does not help while i am at work.

I have to use CAD on a daily basis to draw parts to be cut on the plasma / oxy machines.

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