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3D Framing/ Tutorial

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Hello, I have used Autocad 2002 in high school but the 2010 version is much more advanced that the program I had been used to and it has been years. I use my autocad program mainly for designing tubular frame work for types of vehicles. I have not had the 2010 version for very long and am relearning everything. I have having troubles making a tubular frame in 3D, I was wondering if anyone on here knows of a tutorial that would best explain the process. Any information would be great. Thank you.

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Although not specific to tubes and frames, there's some great online classes to get familiar with 3D at Autodesk University online. (enrollment is free)


Here's a couple of them.

Creating and Editing 3D Solids, Surfaces, and Meshes in AutoCAD® 2010


3D Design From Concept to Completion in AutoCAD®, Part 1


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Thank you very much! I will take a look at those, this is a hobby of mine so its hard to find free classes to teach you more about the program.

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