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Autonumbering Keyscape Blocks - Is it possible?


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I have seen lots of posts refering to the autonumbering of blocks on insertion into drawings which is exactly what we are trying to do.


However we are using Keyscape LT 2010, which does not allow for the use of LISP files.


Does anyone know if there is any ohter way to achieve this that would work for Keyscape?





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It looks like Keyscape LT has disabled the Lisp and Diesel function of autoCAD!! None of the commands you normally use relating to these are recognised.


So i guess this may mean that we will not be able to customise this function.


It looks like we can load customise the CUI files!!

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Keyscape LT. Never heard of it.


"Built on the AutoCAD OEM engine, the world's leading CAD package."


Keyscape Pro was really made to run under full AutoCAD not AutoCAD LT.


"KeySCAPE runs on AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Civil 3D but not Revit or AutoCAD LT."


I think someone forgot to read the FAQ at KeySCAPE Systems.


"If you do not have any AutoCAD software we offer a standalone version that includes its own 2D based AutoCAD OEM engine."

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Keyscape is a Landscape architecture package designed to operate on the back of AutoCAD. So basically someone has already written a load of cutomisations specifically for landscape architecture and applied to them to the AutoCAD Platform. They then sell this as a stand alone software package but have removed many if the functions of Full AutoCAD inorder to sale it at a much lower price.


I have virtually no CAD programming knowledge, but it would seem that the only customisation that we are able to do is via the CUI files. We have already setup our own menu tabs and drops downs which include being able toi select from a set of standard blocks whis we can insert into drawings.


It would seem that via the CUI Interface editor i am able to create macro's against a menu item if this makes any sense!!!

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So you are running the standalone version and have not piggybacked this on AutoCAD LT?


How many seats of AutoCAD LT is your company running?


No plans to add at least one seat or upgrade one seat to full AutoCAD?


Does KeySCAPE have a users' forum?

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We have been looking at how we can define a block attribute at it would appear that we can assign a Deisel expression against a block attribute.


Woul dit be possible to use these to add incremental numbering to the block??

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KeySCAPE LT is an OEM package licensed from Autodesk to run the KeySCAPE landscape features. The application is specifically written to run KeySCAPE only and so cannot support user customisation (other than the CUI) or plug-in software. This is part of the license agreement and the reason it can be sold at a lower price point than AutoCAD alone.

Within the Site Survey module there is an counter marker feature that does, as you suggest, auto-increment the number with each insertion of the block. You can redefine the block in the drawing and provided you do not delete the "Number" attribute AutoCAD will replace the current block definition with your own version. To redefine the block:


> Insert a single counter marker from Site Survey>General Layout>Counting Markers

> Select the block, then right mouse click and from the menu select “Edit block In-place” (You can’t edit the block from a double-click because the attribute editor takes priority)

> Select the block “s8slcnt” and pick OK

> In the block editor, redefine the block with your own geometry but do not delete the text “Number” (the auto-number attribute)

> Once complete, pick “Save Reference Edits” from the Refedit tool bar (or type REFCLOSE)

> Pick OK to save the changes back to the drawing


This counter marker block will now use your definition of the block “s8slcnt” in this drawing only.

In future, you can copy and paste your block into the drawing (or add to a tool pallete/drag block in using Design Centre) before you use the command.


I hope this helps?


Mike Shilton, KeySCAPE Support

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It sounds as though the OP does not have to create his own macros then.


I guess Mike's answer puts this thread to rest.


Thanks Mike for enlightening us. :)

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