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.DWG to .PLY

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Really? WoodWop?? I got to look at up.


What file formats will WoodWop import? Not open....import. There should be something in the program's Help file.


Or...will it open DXF files?

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woodWOP! Who would have thunk it. Oh well....anyway, in answer to your question I found this online:


"The widely used, independent DXF format for the exchange of CAD drawings is used as the basis for the generation of woodWOP programs. Workpieces having been drawn once can be imported into woodWOP and transferred to the machine straight away."


By the way, did you know there was a woodWOP forum? (please hold laughter)


Find it here:



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You could but I gave you the answer already.


I mentioned the link to the forum so that in the future if you had woodWOP-specific questions you could go to the source of the best and most direct information. You know...other woodWOP



I have a feeling you still don't know what to do. Right?


Open your AutoCAD drawing, do a "save as" and look under File as type. I suggest you save the drawing as a AutoCAD 2000/LT 2000 DXF file. Import this file into woodWOP. Got it?

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Let's take this r e a l l y, r e a l l y, s...l...o...w.


AutoCAD cannot save the drawing as a ply file. No way, no how, no kidding.


woodWOP cannot work with a dwg file. It needs a dxf file. Are you with me so far? Yes/No/I'm lost again?


To create a dxf file you must open the drawing in AutoCAD and save the file in the dxf file format you think will work best with woodWOP.


I suggest saving as a AutoCAD 2000 dxf because I do not know how up-to-date your version of woodWOP is.


woodWOP can import dxf files according to the information I gleaned from their website and presented to you above. Did you read that post or not? Yes/No?I do not recall?


Does this make sense to you now?

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If I may jump in here before marks eyes turn red:


Johzen- you save the drawing from Autocad as a dxf and then import the dxf into Woodwop, you may need to download a Wood wop module first..


Take a look at this on the Woodwop forum- http://weeke-training.com/Forum.556+M52087573ab0.0.html?&cat_uid=4&conf_uid=4&thread_uid=703&view=single_thread

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Is it hot in here?


I'm sure I mentioned saving as a dxf and importing but maybe it slipped my feeble circuit board. LOL


woodWOP...DoWop...wop-a-doodle. Whatever.


Gads. If we have to download and install a module I'll have to put on another pot of coffee!


Thanks, nukecad.

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No problem Mark,


He has logged on and asked his question on the Woodwop forum.


Reading some of the posts there he may have the module already depending on which router machine he has.

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Well one would think he would have gone to the woodWOP forum first. But it appears as though he did not know what a dxf file was either so it probably made some sense to start here.


Maybe my explanation of what steps to follow wasn't clear enough.

Edited by ReMark
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Hello again!


How do I center my drawing in Autocad?


and How come my WoodWop won't let me Import DXF files :(

I can see "DXF" in the Import menu in WoodWop but I can't click it :|


Not Click-Able :P


And yes I have tried the module thingy that nuke said :D

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Post your AutoCAD drawing so we can take a look at what you're working with.


I think you should ask a woodWOP-related question in a woodWOP forum not in an AutoCAD forum.

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I made a more professional person do my CAD drawings :P


I'm off to ask WoodWop Questions to WoodWop Forums :D


TYVM People, specially ReMark & NukeCad :D

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