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Exposure control for R.T.T


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Anyone know what exposure control settings that should be used when baking a complete map onto geometry?


Lighting: daylight system, mr sun, mr physical sky. Using FG.


Once baked, all of the above is switched off, with map placed in self ill. slot.


I want to match my pre-baked render as close as possible and used mr Photographic exposure control during baking.


Problem is - I've tried rendering the baked scene with/without exposure control. Without, it looks too dark and with, it looks a little washed out.


Either way - it's not matching my pre-baked scene that used mr photographic exp control.

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Well, I don't have much experience with material baking, but I'm wondering if you have your "Gamma/LUT Correction" enabled and set correctly? You can find it in your Preferences > Gamma and LUT tab. If you're rendering using the daylight system, it's important to have this enabled and set correctly so that your renders don't have that "washed out" appearance.

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Funny you should mention that - gamma is on the list of things to learn this weekend after it seemed like a likley candidate for the problem. I've been a bit ignorant and ignored it up until now.

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Turns out it wasn't so simple! Whilst the render frame window showing the baked texture looks great, I can't work out what output gamma I need for saving the baked map. And what gamma input I need to use when plugging the baled map into the self illumination slot. I'm struggling to even save the render buffer window out to a format so it looks the same as it does in the buffer.

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This isn't a problem with exposure control. Leaves are double sided so you need to render out a map for each side. Seems pretty obvious now!:)

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