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Make Tapered Offset

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I'm looking for a way to produce a tapered offset in AutoCad 2008 (a simple linear taper will do for a starter), perhaps by specifying starting and ending offset distances to be applied along the length of a selected arc, polyline (2D) or spline.


I'm thinking that this will probably require some code, although it seems like this might be a fairly common requirement, such that there would be an existing solution that I just haven't gleaned as yet.


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Do you have any experience writing lisp routines?


No, been able to avoid the pain so far but guess I may have to start.

My favorite language was Borland Pascal (back in the day) and I've played with Forth a little bit (probably closer to Lisp) but found it weird doing everything on the stack, kind of like programming in reverse polish. :]

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