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Does this site need a Wiki?

Does CADTutor need a Wiki?  

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  1. 1. Does CADTutor need a Wiki?

    • Yes, it would be very useful
    • Maybe, I probably wouldn't use it
    • No, let's just stick with the forum

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Eldon you have to be sometimes a little careful when dishing out English humour, it is often not correctly understood by non-English people and taken a little the wrong way :wink:


I often have problems trying to get the Germans to understand English humour, mostly without success. But ReMark has his own brand of humour and often I have to have a little chuckle at some of his comments - keep it up ReMark :)


Back on topic: I received an email today introducing WikiCAD http://www.wikicad.org/ , it might be worth watching it to see if it has any bearing here.

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I actually think a wiki on this site would be yet another security risk. Especially after the recent problems.


I'm all for the idea, but it would probably be similar to the FAQ pages as someone's alleged to. That wikicad site's been in the offing for quite a while, and still it's not used a whole lot (at least not as much as all the cad forums). Which nearly proves the point. On the other hand, it would be a nice place to point a link in a post to when asked for something in one of these threads: something like a user developed help system. It cannot be worse that ADesk's current disastrous on-line help.:roll:


As for the FT episode ... we're a bit behind over here in the dark ages. I'll probably get the reference next year!

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wiki would be very good and helpful indeed,but also it is very important that it is properly justified to help reduce the repetitive questions asked and also it should be moderated before any update is made to it,it will save a lot of time of senior members and help the beginners as well as the junior members to boost up speed while learning cad when they are struck on any particular doubt.

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Having a Wiki have its advantages and disadvatages. When you have a topic it is nice to read about it, does it help you to solve the different situations. Talking to the guys helps a lot more cause having a problem leads to another topic. That is what i find is more useful in learning than having a wiki explaining and not always understanding.

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Hi great idea :D I spent a lot of time on wiki to research and plan for future.

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