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Extracting a substring of text

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I am looking for a way to extract a substring of text in string of attributed text to be used as a variable so that it can be later reinserted into different parts of the drawing or used to create new layers.


Basically, I have a part description followed by a part number in parentheses. The part number is generally an 8 digit number, but sometimes has a -1 or -2 at the end. I have gotten as far as extracting the values of the attributed text to variables, but am not sure the best way to search for a specific part of them.


What is the best way to go about this? Would I want to search for the location of the first open parentheses and then the location of the close parentheses in the string and extract the text in between? Is there a better way?


I am somewhat new to Autolisp and most VBA stuff is over my head at this point.

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Lee Mac

Welcome to CADTutor! :P


substr is the function you should read about :)


Also, take a look into vl-string-search or vl-string-position






This will help you get help on the functions


Also, I recommend read this if you aren't already using the VLIDE to write LISP :)

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